Hernienpraxis Mainz – Dr. med. Andreas Höferlin




Milano, Italy - 1st World Conference on Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery. Member of International Scientific Board


Gdansk, Poland - 35. Congress of the European Hernia Society. International Scientific Commitee.


Hua-Hin, Thailand - 7th International Congress of the Asia-Pacific Hernia Society. Invited faculty. Lecture:" TAPP Repair; Based on IEHS Guidelines".


Adelaide , Australien - University of Adelaide Conference: „Modern Era of Hernia Surgery“. Lectures: „Do we need Mesh?“; „Chronic Pain – Definition and Incidence“; „Umbilical Hernia Repair“; „Difficult closure of layers in Retromuscular Incisional Hernia Repair“.

Ghent, Belgium - 33. Congress of the European Hernia Society. Invited Faculty and Chairman


Berlin, Germany – 4. Berliner Hernientage („Hernienchirurgie in Ostasien“)

Istanbul, Turkey – 32. Congress of the European Hernia Society. Invited Faculty and International Scientific Committee. Lecture: „Repair Techniques in Umbilical Hernia“.


München, Germany - Symposium Rotkreuzklinikum. Lecture: "Materialien in der Hernienchirurgie"

Tianjin, China - PLA 254 Hospital. Lecture: "Preperitoneal Mesh Repair in Hernia Surgery"

Nanjin, China - Zhong Da Hospital: Live Surgery, Lecture: "Pain Management in Hernia Surgery"

Berlin, Germany - 3. Berliner Hernientage ("Do we need fixation of meshes in Hernia Surgery?")

Wuhan, China - Guest during foundation of "Hubei Hernia Society".

Lanzhou, Qingdao, China - Lecture: "Lightweight Mesh in Hernia Repair and Pain Management"

HoChiMinh City, Vietnam - Nhan Dan Gia Dinh Hospital: Live-Surgery, Lectures: "The Challenge of Parastomal Hernia Repair". "Alternatives to the Classic retromuscular mesh technique".

Tokyo, Japan - 7th Annual Japanese Hernia Conference. Lectures: "Is there a Scientific Approach to Modern Mesh in Hernia Repair?" "State-of-Art Mesh today and its Requirements".

Guangzhou, China - Lecture: „Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair „

Dongguan, China - International Congress of Hernia and Abdominal Wall Surgery. Lecture: „Lightweight Mesh in Hernia Repair and Pain Management“

Harbin, China - Lecture: „Intraperitoneal Ventral Hernia Repair“

2008Berlin, Germany – 2. Berliner Hernientage. Live operation

Bonn, Germany – Visceralchirurgische Tage. Presentation about „Endoscopic Repair in Incisional Hernia“

Taipei, Taiwan – Pre-Congress Workshop. Live operations and lecture: „The Principle of the UHS-Bilayer Device for Different Types of Hernia“.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan - 67th Scientific Meeting of the Taiwan Surgical Association. Lecture: „The Challenge of Parastomal Hernia Repair"

Hong Kong, China – Hong Kong Baptist Hospital and Queen Elisabeth Hospital. Lectures: „Importance of MPO in Hernia Repair“, „Latest Surgical Trend of Hernia Repair in Europe“.

Sevilla, Spain – Congress of the European Hernia Society. International Scienific Comittee. Presentation: „Parastomal and Incisional Hernia“

Manila, Philippines. St. Luke`s Medical Center: Workshop on Advanced Endoscopic Hernia Surgery. Lectures: „The Clinical Argument for Lightweight Mesh in Abdominal Wall Surgery“. „ Laparoscopic Hernia Repair“.

Hamburg, Germany – Presentation: „Current Surgical Therapy of Femoral Hernia.“

Seoul, Korea – 3rd Congress of Korean Hernia Society. Live-Surgery and lecture: „Concept and clinical application of lightweight mesh“.

Pusan, Korea – Hernia Symposium at Wallace Memorial Baptist Hospital. Live-Surgery and Lecture: „Bilayer Technique for Hernia Repair“.

Changsha, Foshan and Wenzhou , China – Hernia Workshops with Live-Surgery and Lectures about: „Ventral Hernia Repair“, „Lightweight Mesh Concept“.

Beijing, China – 4. Intern. Congress of Asia-Pacific Hernia Society. Presentations: „Technical Aspects of Mesh Repair in Umbilical Hernia“, „Surgical techniques for closing the rectus Sheath in the Rives-Repair for Incisional Hernia“.

Suzhou, China – Sec. Affiliated Hospital Suzhou University. Lecture: Ventral Hernia Repair“

Tokyo, Japan - 70. Kongress Japan Surgical Association. Lecture: „Concept and Clinical Application of Lightweight Mesh in Hernia Surgery“.

2007Berlin, Germany - 19. Workshop: Good Clinical Practice. Presentation: „Nabelhernie – eine Kleinigkeit?“ (Umbilical Hernia, a little thing?)

United Arab Emirates - Live operations and Lectures on „Ventral Hernia Repair“ and „Evolution of Hernia Repair“ in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

Muscat, Oman - Sultan Qaboos University Hospital . Live operations and lecture about „Lightweight Concept in Hernia Repair“.

Amman, Jordan – Jordan University Hospital. Live operations and lecture about „Evolution of Lightweight Meshes“

Shanghai, China. Huadong Hospital and Renji Hospital: lectures about „The use of Lightweight Mesh in Hernia Repair“. Live operation.

Iloilo, Philippines – Midyear Convention of the Philippines College of Surgeons. Lecture on „Hernia“ and „Ventral Hernia Repair“

Athens, Greece – Congress European Hernia Society. International Scientific Committee.

Bochum, Germany – Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Viszeralchirurgie. ( Presentation: Operation with Ultrapro Hernia System )

Beijing, China – Chinese Surgical Week 2007. Presentation: „The Concept of Lightweight Mesh in Hernia Repair“

Hangzhou, China - No1 Hospital of Hangzhou.: Live operation and Lecture: „Ventral Hernia Repair with Proceed“

Singapore – Congress of the Asian Pacific Hernia Society. Invited Faculty and International Scientific Committee.
Presentations: Umbilical Hernia, Pitfalls in Open Incisional Hernia.

Regional Hernia Symposium (Lecture on „Evolution of Modern Mesh Material)

Madrid, Spain – II. International Symposium on Biomaterials in Abdominal Wall Surgery. (Presentations: Femoral Hernia, Bilayer Device )

2006 Nürnberg, Germany – Congress of German Surgeons (BNC) ( Development of Hernia devices – Synergy between Surgery and Industry)

Boston, US - Joint Meeting American Hernia Society & European Hernia Society ( Umbilical Herniorrhaphy )

Singapore - Invited Faculty Member as Guest Speaker and Instructor for a Workshop on Hernia Repair, organized by the Minimally Invasive Surgical Center (MISC) of the National University Hospital of Singapore, - Live operations

Manila, Philippines – Annual Clinical Congress of the Philippine College of Surgeons
(Guest speaker: „Principles and Pitfalls of Open Incisional Hernia Repair“; „Suturless Laparoscopic Herniorrhaphy“)

  • Regional Hernia Conference ( Prosthesis & Biomaterials in Hernia Repair, Ventral Hernia Repair – open and laparoscopic)

Hong Kong, China - Lectures on „ Concept of Lightweight Mesh“ and „TAPP repair“ – United Christian Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital
Live operations: United Christian Hospital, Tuen Mun Hospital

2005Nürnberg, Germany - Congress of German Surgeons (BNC) ( Pros & Cons of Ugahary Technique for Inguinal Hernia Repair)

Nürnberg, Germany – Klinikum Nord Stadt Nürnberg ( Parastomal Hernia )

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Congress Asian Pacific Hernia Society (Parastomal Hernia ) , Live operations

Turin, Italy – Congress European Hernia Society ( Open Incisional Hernia Repair, Umbilical Hernia Repair)

2004Nürnberg, Germany – Congress of German Surgeons (BNC) ( Cost Analysis of Ugahary technique )

Madonna di Campiglio, Italy – Winter Meeting European Hernia Society ( Mariposa Patch in large Umbilical Hernias)

Orlando, USA – Congress American Hernia Society ( Concept of Lightweight Meshes )

2003Berlin, Germany – ( Open preperitoneal Hernia Repair – Ugahary Technique)
2002 Magdeburg, Germany - CAMIC Consensus Conference on Hernia Surgery (Classification of Inguinal Hernias )
2001New Orleans, USA – Congress American Hernia Society ( C-Reactive Protein and Hernia Repair )

Wuppertal, Bethesda Clinic, Germany ( Open preperitoneal tension-free repair – Ugahary technique )

Vienna, Austria - Austrian Surgical Society ( Problems Arising From Mesh Repair in Hernia Surgery )

2000Toronto, Canada - Joint Meeting American Hernia Society & European Hernia Society ( CRP Levels following Hernia Repair )

Salzburg, Austria – ( Inflammatory reaction to meshes )

1999Madrid, Spain - Congress European Hernia Society ( Mariposa Patch for Umbilical Hernia Repair )